the paper filter

residue of my consciousness

Category: Poems

Haiku 36 – Silence

Ellipses appear
and disappear when you don’t
want to let love win.


Haiku 37 – Destiny

Two stars orbiting
the sun, never realising
their paths would collide.

Haiku 35 – Kismet

Remembering things
I thought I’d forgot but then
learning something new.

Haiku 33 – O 

Within the circle
lays an emptiness waiting
for its companion.

Haiku 32 – Shell

You are no longer
The person you used to be;
Carefree, vibrant, loved.


I think I’ve forgotten
what it feels like
to feel you.

I can’t remember
the last time I
touched your skin

or had your lips
pressed against mine

or your breath
in my mouth

or your taste
on my tongue.

But how could I forget
someone I haven’t had?

Haiku 31 – Aches

What I really need
Are your fingers down my back
To ease the tension.

Haiku 30 – Pine/Pint

Drain the pint to help
myself forget about you,
But it never works.

Haiku 29 – Enabler

Written words are sly.
When did I turn into an
Enabler of Death?

Haiku 28 – Feigned Thirst

We sit together,
you with your bird, me alone,
like nothing happened.

Laughing and smiling,
avoiding each others’ gaze,
secretly hurting.

Chasing drinks til I
cannot make out your faces,
still, they’re all I see.