the paper filter

residue of my consciousness

Month: May, 2015

Haiku 28 – Feigned Thirst

We sit together,
you with your bird, me alone,
like nothing happened.

Laughing and smiling,
avoiding each others’ gaze,
secretly hurting.

Chasing drinks til I
cannot make out your faces,
still, they’re all I see.


Haiku 27 – The Morning After

Bleary eyes wake up,
only to see empty space
where your shape should be.

Haiku 26 – Fishing

The boat rocks and bobs,
up and down and to and fro
on the open sea.

Your steady hands hold
the harpoon ready to catch
just one other fish.

Not minding at all
that my heart was still ensnared,
tangled in your line.

Haiku 25 – Gilded

Gilded glass, wine-filled,
pressed to lips to reach the stars
behind sparkling eyes.

in response to (gilded) by Dicky J Loweman

Haiku 24 – Out Of Reach

Any closer and
I might have killed you, before
you blew my heart out.