A genie offers a man three wishes. After hearing his wish, the genie straight up refuses to grant it.

by deej

The genie felt uncharacteristically vexed. This was just another descendant of Adam, wishing for meaningless things. It exasperated him to no end.

“What? Why the heck not? It’s just a car.”

Here they were, the blessed living race to whom the angels bowed, the reason for all genies to be cast from paradise and barred from His presence, and this was the peak of their desires. The genie’s voice escaped in more of a growl than what he had intended.

“That’s it? That’s all that you desire?” 

The human felt a shiver run down the back of his spine and pool uncomfortably in his gut. Just a moment ago, the genie had been even-natured and friendly. Now, he sounded dangerous.

“W-what do you mean? I want those other two wishes too. ” he stammered. His eyes betrayed him for a moment as he saw the genie’s features skew into a monstrous mask. In the shadows, he could not be sure. Perhaps there was a flickering in the light. Yes. That must be all it was. It did not stop him from taking a half step back. There was a pause and a silence that stretched a second long enough to turn that pool of discomfort into a frozen lake.

“Perhaps Iblis was right not to bow to the humans.” In the sliver of light that filled the shadows, the human thought he saw disappointment in the genie’s eyes that accompanied the palpable sizzle of anger in the air. He was absolutely puzzled by what was happening. He wondered if he was going to die. This was not what he had read about in books. Wasn’t he owed three wishes?

“You who have been blessed bountifully by everything that surrounds you: Knowledge, Beauty and Love. And what you seek are Riches?

No. It doesn’t work that way. Genies cannot produce what is not there. We can only manipulate circumstances to create the opportunity for chance. Besides, what good are Riches if you are unable to cultivate them on your own? You would exhaust them, with no means of gaining more. 

I cannot help you.”

With a last look at the human, as though waiting for it to change his mind, the genie turned on the spot. His form began to flicker and shift, shadows returning once more to the ring from whence it came. With a tinkle, the ring jumped a few inches from it’s spot on the floor. 

The human stood with his mouth agape for a few moments, utterly perplexed by what had happened. I mean, sure he was frightened for a moment, but what kind of genie didn’t grant wishes? 

Tentatively he picked the ring up from the floor, shook it in his fist. Anticlimactically, nothing happened. Well, that was a waste. He thought for a moment and then tucked the ring into his pocket. He whipped out his phone and looked up directions to the nearest underground market.