A letter to my 5 year-old self.

by deej

Dear Cardejah,

How are you? How’s life? You are five years old and you must be very happy. I remember because life was simpler then. Have you seen the snake in the garden when we were celebrating your birthday? Remember when daddy was cleaning the fish tank in the yard and the fish were flopping around for a bit? Pretty funny right? I remember too.

It’s not easy being an older sister and a younger sister at the same time. Sometimes mama is going to be angry at you for things that your brother and sister do but I just want you to know that it’s okay and it’s not your fault.

Sometimes when things really are your fault, you’re going to have to own up to it and deal with the responsibility but you don’t have to feel bad. Sometimes things are just out of your control and it’s okay. You’re going to turn out okay.

Always give love to those who need it and never back down from what you stand for. Be kind to everyone even when they don’t deserve it; maybe they’re going through a hard time too.

But most importantly, do not be afraid of the new and the unknown. Just be yourself and you will be loved by the right people. You are loved. Just look around and learn to recognise and receive it from wherever it comes. And even if there’s none to be found, remember that I love you the most.