Tall Tales

by deej

Yes, yes, yes I am the best!
I am the tallest of tall
amongst the best of them all
And here I stand taller than the rest

When Morning comes, how I loathe it.
My bones creak from the growing heat
And though my belly of steel and concrete
is no match for the wind,
The seagulls come in their fleet
Squawking me to death, Oh how I despise it.
Bloody sky rats pelting me in faeces,
How dare they?! Do they not know who I am?
Lucky I have these human things to repel from my crown
To wash every bit of me, from my top, all the way down.

But oh that heat, that heat is a new kind of hell.
That morning sun paves the way for hours and hours of swell
ing and creaking as my frame expands.
You try being bloated everyday.

I can’t lie though,
The sunsets are spectacular.

The heat dies with the sun
and the cool chill of the evening sea creeps across the sand
and whispers it’s way up my windows and darkness covers up the land
And the cold brings down the inflammation.
I’ve seen many a firework and the endless proposals but nothing beats the hum of the earth.

The night brings along with it a bed of stars above and below.
I don’t feel so out of place for being the tallest of the tall with the endlessness above
And the city lights below keep me company and make me feel in love
With being me.
The Burj Khalifah