the paper filter

residue of my consciousness

Month: October, 2014

Haiku 15 – Human Nature

Your hand on my back
Sends shivers down my spine and
I can hardly breathe.


Unrequited Part II

I could love you countless ways.

Passionately. Quietly. Hungrily. Happily. Humbly. Boisterously. Quickly. Kindly. Tough. Secretly. Proudly. Wantonly. Seductively. Longingly. Painfully. Satisfyingly. Sparingly. Sporadically. Distantly. Angrily. Enthusiastically. Boldly. Assuredly. Shyly. Simply. Hilariously. Quirkily. Loyally. Playfully. Lustfully. Eagerly. Dominantly. Stupidly. Humourously. Bitingly. Hard. Hardly. Ambiguously. Definitively. Endlessly. Curtly. Hurtfully. Vindictively. Courageously. Boundlessly. Foreverly. Completely.

But you could not love me back.


It’s as if you’ve taken your hand and placed it against my breastbone.
The next thing I know, it’s sinking beneath my flesh, fingers gripping between the ivory of my ribcage.
You grab ahold and shake me hard and all my secrets come rattling out.
For every one, you take a step back, farther and father away,
And you leave me standing there in just my skin and bones.

The Cult of Blackened Hearts

So much to say without walls to hear them
So I guess I’ll scrape out the insides of my heart
And smear them on this pixelated paper.

You see this font?
Imagine it red like blood from stained hands,
Proffered like the preferred ink pad of some sacrilegious cult of blackened hearts.

You see the hearts were once red.
That same hue of passion and lust and hurt and love.
A hot, fiery ember made safe by an ivory cage.
But like all poachers put out light for ivory, the fires are put out and our bones are stolen.
Leaving us spineless, hopeless and charred.

And so the embers become post-coals, weakened and scattered to the winds with a single touch.
There’s hope for me yet, while these words are still red.

Empty Hands for Empty Hearts

Because some thoughts are better written than said aloud,
Only here will you find my thank you,
For filling the empty in me for a while.
We both knew that space wasn’t meant for you,
But I sure as hell wish it was.

Haiku 14 – Toy

You toe a line in
The sand between us, then you
Expect me to stay.