Silly Unrequited

by deej

Tangled limbs and quirky words,
Secret smiles and words unheard.
Silent mouths that say much more
Than big proposals of adore.

Never reveal, never succumb.
Safer to kiss and to play dumb.
I’ll hide my heart and paint it numb,
Rather than have it come undone.

But little by little with every touch,
My guard comes down and with it such
A scary notion to behold:
A great emotion does unfold.

So come much closer, closer, dear.
Watch me in abandonment of fear.
My head has long since felt as clear
As when your lips are ever so near.

I won’t tell you, I’ll keep my secret.
My heart, I’ll give, if you can keep it
Warm and safe inside a jar,
Subqqconsciously never too far.

One day you’ll find that you are ready,
And carefully with warm and steady
Hands you’ll lift me up and out,
With love you can’t shut up about!