Late night ramblings

by deej

Men cannot register or accept if they have flaws of which they are not aware of.
They cannot register or accept that a woman CAN be independent of them.
A woman CAN handle if they are out with their friends and not spending time with them.

trust me, we can take it.
it’s not the end of the fucking world.

the point of the matter is that it really REALLy does not take much. to please us.
One phone call. it is quite miraculous what one phone call can do.
with this simple act it tells a girl a fricken multitude of things.
They are being thought of, they are not forgotten, not neglected, they are remembered and loved.
what is a 5 minute phone call compared to the hours of fun that you’re currently having?

after a relationship has hit its peak, women usually have their partners’ characters down pat.
and what they usually want is the best for their partners. So yeah, they will let their partners know their character flaws, not for want to change them, but for the hopes that they’d want to help themselves.

women (or maybe it’s just me) love wholeheartedly. We love you, no matter what you choose no matter how many mistakes you’ve made. we will love you always.

In the generation of casual sex and Pick-Up-Artists,
what is lacking now is sincerity.
I miss when people were honest and sincere and loyal to one another.
whatever happened to the sanctity of trust? you can’t have trust without these qualities…

It’s very sad and hopeless to see that this is the new playing fields for love.
It’s sad when even without given the chance, Love can be doomed to from the start.