For all the Lovers.

by deej

Love is a very powerful thing. Some people equate Love to God.
The reason for Love cannot really be explained.
Why is it that we Love someone or something so much?
Sure perhaps it could be familiarity, caring, affection and need all rolled into one,
and yet, it still does not fully encompass everything that is Love.
To me, Love is pure feeling. Love is divinity. Love is Pain. Love is the sixth sense.
Love is Love and I don’t think it can ever really be explained or expressed to it’s fullest and deepest meaning.
Life is wonderful because of Love. Death is painful because of Love.
Thoughts and memories can be wonderful or painful, both because of Love.

Not everybody can handle Love. Love can cause them to be bedridden with grief or go insane with paranoia or lose trust and faith in everything and everyone.
but the ones who can handle Love are truly strong, and are truly wise to learn all the lessons from the experience of Love.

Death cannot cause you to lose a very Great Love because, if anything, it is immortalized and lives on in your heart and mind and soul.

Love can bring peace to the world if we let it win.