by deej

my head is the only place where i can be with you…
right now anyway.

i can imagine tucking my head in between your neck and shoulder with my nose pressed against your skin.
i can remember your smell… sweet, musky and a little dirty. i love it. that smells like home to me.
i remember how your chest felt beneath my hands and how i loved scratching your beard and nudging your chin to face me so i could kiss you.

oh how i love kissing you… how your lips so softly graze mine, such a simple kiss that’s filled with so much passion… it would get so intense, the way you used to pull me closer and hold me to you, pressing and urgent. i would pull your face closer still and kiss you harder, hook my leg around yours, press myself closer to you.

just because i want to be with you, so much closer, so much closer than a kiss.
months and days later… i still feel the same way… if anything, the physical time apart has left me yearning for you so much more.
i’m yours.
i’m yours.