by deej

Oh, great Moon!
How I wonder about you…

Ever since I was little, up til now,
I wonder if you can hear all the voices that speak to you of their hopes and dreams, pain and frustrations, their love and desires…
I mean… since you’re so high up there.

Are you listening to them?
You can’t help it right? Not like you can eradicate your own existence.

I have this idea that you are this emotional, spiritual process.
You are like this great big round tank of light.
In the beginning you are empty and as the nights go by you listen to the cries and pleas of everyone that speaks to you, these voices that address you.
And you collect every word that they say and turn them into light and thus you wax.
It must be so heartbeaking to feel so helpless…
To hear them every night and yet be able to do nothing to ease or coax whatever they feel.

At when your tank is full and you’re at your brightest, at your peak,
you are bursting with this radiant glow, bathing every inch of the night sky with your warm glow.
You’re so bright that even the stars’ shine power is no match for you.
You probably don’t know this,
but you are such a humbling wonder in the way that you don’t shine so brightly and show off like the stars do, but glow so quietly and unimposing because you grow brighter and dimmer gradually.

Am I making sense?

Also, what you don’t realise about your humbling self, is that your humility in your glowing, existing and being gives us, the voices, back everything that we gave to you to wax,
and so you wane.
We take back your light and turn it back into hope and love, humility and strength to remind us that things could be worse off and that we really are going to be okay.

And when we’ve taken it all and you’ve emptied out,
we start this process all over again.