by deej

He’s the epitome of every high school nightmare.
a smart ass.
an asshole.
a gossip.
and he’s fooled all of you into liking him with his special blend of apparent charm, wit and self-depreciating remarks.

yes, the sarcasm is just a mask of the truth of your words.

and it’s not until he’s fucked you over that you recognize him for the absolute disappointment he is.
He’ll tell your friends his twisted tales of you
and watch in glee at those who turn away from you.
because they wouldn’t know any better until he does it to them too.

the funny thing is, high school’s been over for three years already.
you’d think he’d have grown up a bit.
but no.
drinking is his sustenance
partying is a rite of life.
getting trashed is his life mission.
being an asshole? don’t worry.
it’s just a birth defect; the make up of his DNA