by deej

the only thing i can hear
is the pounding of my heart in my ears
in this fucking silence in my head.
each thud is like a protest in my chest
like the hands of my true self
slamming over and over against the bars of this cage that is my heart.

I scream.

but nobody can hear me.

something’s has taken over my body.
another being?
am i possessed?
a yeerk maybe?

I’m crying in my cell. let me out of this hell.
Let me be.
leave me to my dreams.
let me out of this cage.
give me back my body.
give me back my thoughts.
give me back my self.

how can i help myself when i don’t have the key?
why should i help myself if there’s nothing worth getting out for?
maybe i should submit to it and leave my inner self to disappear…

he’s left me twice.
and he’s leaving for good soon.
might as well submit.
just give up, deej.
just give it up.

there are more important things than myself.