simple, starving to be safe

by deej

The grass beneath him feels slightly damp from the morning dew as he’s sprawled out across the front lawn.
His eyes are closed and his lips curl into a quiet smile as the light breeze of Night tickles his face, as if to say goodbye and wish him well for the day.
He enjoys this for a while, feeling the condensation of the grass moistening his palms and the nape of his neck. Nature’s caress.
He parts his lips slightly in a sigh, drawing breath and tasting the freshness of morning on his tongue. shivers creep along his side as the last of Night’s cold, lingering kiss leaves him.

His eyelids flutter and open as he fights the playful tease of Sleep lurking under his eyebrows.
He adjusts to the daylight creeping across the sky and lets himself become engulfed by the sight before him.
He has a tune stuck in his head and jiggles his right foot to the beat of the silent music.
He watched absently as the clouds swirled and twirled with the winds and eventually vanishing.
He wished he had a camera at that moment to capture the images the clouds make with their shapes.
They looked so soft!
Like that particular one over there, slightly to the right.
It was like a slab of white that had exploded weightlessly in the sky.
It reminded him of a really fluffy enlarged popped popcorn kernel.
He was delighted and for the slightest moment wished he could fly
just to experience and relish in the comfort of those clouds.

With her.
He would take her with him.
and they would lay together on the soft pillows of heaven.
Together, hand in hand.
And every so often he’d glimpse at her from the corner of his eye
and turn away when she caught him.

The wind would carry them and slowly but surely,
the clouds would fade away.
And she would fade with them.
And when they are finally completely disappeared,
he would fall back to Earth, back onto the dewy grass of his front lawn.

“Good morning, baby,” he whispered.
With one last deep breath he heaved himself to his feet and dusted the dirt from his pants.
He smiled sadly and gave a last glance to the popcorn in the sky.