the paper filter

the residue of my poetic consciousness

Haiku 34 – Too

I wish you lived here
I could be in love with you
and you could love me

Haiku 33 – O 

Within the circle
lays an emptiness waiting
for its companion.

Haiku 32 – Shell

You are no longer
The person you used to be;
Carefree, vibrant, loved.


I think I’ve forgotten
what it feels like
to feel you.

I can’t remember
the last time I
touched your skin

or had your lips
pressed against mine

or your breath
in my mouth

or your taste
on my tongue.

But how could I forget
someone I haven’t had?

Haiku 31 – Aches

What I really need
Are your fingers down my back
To ease the tension.

Haiku 30 – Pine/Pint

Drain the pint to help
myself forget about you,
But it never works.

Haiku 29 – Enabler

Written words are sly.
When did I turn into an
Enabler of Death?

Haiku 28 – Feigned Thirst

We sit together,
you with your bird, me alone,
like nothing happened.

Laughing and smiling,
avoiding each others’ gaze,
secretly hurting.

Chasing drinks til I
cannot make out your faces,
still, they’re all I see.

Haiku 27 – The Morning After

Bleary eyes wake up,
only to see empty space
where your shape should be.

Haiku 26 – Fishing

The boat rocks and bobs,
up and down and to and fro
on the open sea.

Your steady hands hold
the harpoon ready to catch
just one other fish.

Not minding at all
that my heart was still ensnared,
tangled in your line.